Far right and far left activists clash in Glasgow

Self described Anti-Communist and Anti-Capitalist organisation Last Line Resistance took to the streets of Glasgow last night. 

But only a handful of people turned out for their March Against Marxism rally.

Last Line Resistance is a new organisation thought to have close links to Scottish Dawn, a far right activist group recently prescribed as a terrorist organisation by the UK government.

The number of active Last Line Resistance members is unclear, although a tweet from the organization sent prior to yesterday’s march showed four members of their “Glasgow branch” in George Square.

Around a hundred Anti-Fascist Action (Antifa) and Communist activists staged a counter demonstration timed to coincide with the 6pm March Against Marxism. Many dressed in black, covered their faces and carried Communist, Antifa and Catalan flags.

At one point left wing activists confronted two suspected far right activists, who were escorted from the area by police.

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